How Mindfulness Changed My Life: Both Inside and Outside of the Classroom By Nicole Kraake

This is a sneak peek at my blog post for mindful schools…I will be a thought leader for the week of September 23rd!! I will post the link when its live! My Mornings Before Mindfulness   Wake up, slam the alarm and roll out of bed. Scream out to my children to wake up, begin … Continue Reading

Mindful Listening Speech to Palos Verdes NCL Patroness Meeting 9/11

Mindful Listening This summer I attended a mindfulness in education week long retreat.  The first three days were silent.  Yep, no talking, no writing, no reading, and no eye contact.  Only listening, thank God delicious meals…and mindful meditation!  My friends and family were taking bets that I could not and would not last… and they … Continue Reading