Nicole Kraake



Welcome to my blog! Welcome to my journey in mindfulness in education.... welcome to opening up a connection between us, between yourself and your emotions, between you and your students or your own children....and between you and humanity....

So let me start by saying that I love Learning.

But, I didn't always.

My intentions as a teacher are to help students in my class feel the connection to learning that I feel today...and that I wish I felt in my youth.

The other thing about me is that I find great joy and satisfaction in sharing my excitement and aha moments with others.  Like intense, eyes water, warm fuzzy feelings in my heart...pure happiness people!

May it be my students, colleagues, friends, or family... if you know me you surely will have heard me share something I think is fantastic.  (and yes those of you that know me are laughing right now).

It literally fills me with joy to share.

I imagine (because ummmm I am far from a food blogger) this is what great chef's feel like....they make an amazing dish.  Handmade pasta, organic, fresh spices they found and bought at the local farmers market....  Then they lovingly labor for hours to prepare the meal. Next, they invite over friends and family to taste their creations.  They set a beautiful table paired with the perfect wine.  It is my impression that the sharing of their hard work gives a good chef great satisfaction and I would guess deep joy.

This to me, is the perfect metaphor of how I feel about sharing and teaching. When I discover something that nourishes my mind, spirit, or body I want to share that with others....

I feel an authentic peace within when a student walks away from a lesson with their own excitement and or a true connection to the material or strategy.

It is my hope that something students learn or experience in my class will be a foundation for further learning in their life....

So, another big part of what makes me-me.... is that I am constantly reflecting and learning.

My ideal life, is about constantly growing and learning from my mistakes.  What I have learned through the years (and even more intensely with my mindfulness practice) is that the areas in my life that are the hardest to be self reflective in...are those areas that I need the most work and growth.

I am always a work in progress and not always quick enough in my reflections (but I am working on this),

But, in the end, when I am wrong I will be the first to admit my mistakes.

In fact, I truly believe that my best teachers have been my worst mistakes and the hardest times in my life.

I accept and celebrate that I am far from perfect and I think I am good at admitting this.

Lastly, I believe that life is about love.  Not just the mushy - kissy love... but heartfulness, kindness, me all of that is love.

Finding a connection to your work, to others, to the beauty all around and to where we can all find authentic love.

I am grateful for all the love and loves in my life.... my family is my heart.

I was raised by two loving parents that are still married and still constantly reminding me of how much they love me and how proud they are of me.

I am a proud Mom of Ethan (15) and Hallie (12) and Step-Mom to two beautiful step daughters.

I am married to the love of my life, my best friend, my everything....Scott.

Scott was my first love in college and after about two decades apart we made our way back to each other again.  We have a long distance marriage (yes I am sure that will come up somewhere in this blog) and our life has a lot of moving parts...but in the last seven years I have realized true happiness is about surrounding yourself with positive, loving people that fill you up and that that finding that one person who believes in you, supports you, and loves you every day in every way is what living is all about.

Home is wherever you are loved.

Love is what life is all about.