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How Mindfulness Changed My Life: Both Inside and Outside of the Classroom By Nicole Kraake

This is a sneak peek at my blog post for mindful schools…I will be a thought leader for the week of September 23rd!! I will post the link when its live! My Mornings Before Mindfulness   Wake up, slam the alarm and roll out of bed. Scream out to my children to wake up, begin … Continue Reading

Mindful Listening Speech to Palos Verdes NCL Patroness Meeting 9/11

Mindful Listening This summer I attended a mindfulness in education week long retreat.  The first three days were silent.  Yep, no talking, no writing, no reading, and no eye contact.  Only listening, thank God delicious meals…and mindful meditation!  My friends and family were taking bets that I could not and would not last… and they … Continue Reading

Join me for MINDFUL SUMMER free online community practice series

I wanted to share a great mindfulness in education online program (FREE) Mindful Summer- that would be ideal for any teachers or staff at your site that are wanting to explore mindfulness for their students.    Mindful schools is launching this awesome free online community practice series for educators July 2 to August 12. Mindful Summer is … Continue Reading

Discussion on strategies to support gifted kiddos who are perfectionists

I am going to post my  assignment for my Gifted class as a blog post this week…. I know I know it’s kinda cheating!  But I like some of the points I made here and want to share!  The assignment this week was all about gifted children’s tendency to be perfectionists….and not in a good … Continue Reading

Gifted child? …..Overexcitability not ADHD

Overexcitability not ADHD Mindfulness has been a powerful door that has opened up a whole new world of understating for me .  This mind blowing experience of truly causing and noticing our thoughts combined with the understanding that there are neurological reasons for our actions- has given me the ability to see that space between … Continue Reading

reflect, re-group, re-route

I have taken some time off to reflect, re-group and re-route. Last spring I was caught up in a beautiful and exciting wave of introducing mindfulness to educators in my district.  I did about 16 presentations and or workshops introducing the basics of mindfulness in education and the possibilities that go with this must need … Continue Reading

Mindfulness Books on my book shelf

I have been asked a lot lately about the books I am reading and recommend for mindfulness.  There are many wonderful books on mindfulness.  Honestly, it is like candy for the brain…Most of my collection is focused on mindfulness in education.  There are also some great mindfulness books for parents out there, I have a few and … Continue Reading

Connections bring joy

I am in awe of this simple truth, as Humans we need to connect. Like everything in the mindfulness literature, this idea is so simple…and yet people walk around every day missing the point. As teachers (if you are not a teacher keep reading because this type of connecting applies to all of humanity) we … Continue Reading