Mindfully connect

Mindfulness connects us to people, places, sounds, food, and the beauty all around us….and to our self.  It’s simple: with a mindfulness practice we begin to understand how our brain works so that we can respond rather than react.

For years I knew what to do…but not how to do it.

Mindfulness has given me the tools to slow down and truly appreciate this journey we call life.  It gives me joy to share what I am learning with my students so that they don’t have to wait to experience the power of awareness.

This blog is my dedicated space in this world to share my passion for mindfulness in education and in life.

It will organically grow into whatever it is supposed to be…  I am committed to one thing, to sharing my joy, my aha moments, and also all the lessons I learn on this journey.

Grateful that you stopped by!

With joy,

Nicole Kraake