Mindfulness based teacher culture examples: 

We encourage our students to shift, pause, and notice their thoughts and emotional responses. We invite students to think about possibilities and encourage them to take risks in thinking metaphorically or analytically. We remind them of the fears we have when we take risks, and  we are constantly helping students notice their emotional responses to learning. May it be a map or a section of reading, we encourage students to not only notice their successes, resistance, or creative thoughts about the assignment  but to constantly learn to reflect and notice their experiences.

Speaking and listening have always been vital tools in any classroom. Teaching mindful, intentional speaking and listening transforms how we teach and how students utilize these skills. We talk about listening through nonverbal, supportive cues. Listening to support vs. listening to give feedback. We talk about being naturally more introverted and the need to focus on speaking out. We discuss the need for extroverts to focus on listening. We have conversations in class about how collaborative and discussion skills are not just for the classroom but for life. We talk about the feelings we notice when we feel truly heard and the importance of making other people feel heard in important conversations.

In our groups we will begin by setting up group agreements with a big emphasis on what the students feel we needed to feel safe emotionally and intellectually.

Each group will chose their own agreements.  We will write them down and post them for the children to see daily so we can revisit them and edit as needed.

The agreements must be something that is honored by all. Creating this climate will take work and will show students that these agreements really do matter.

We want our learning facilitators to focus attuning, validating, and truly seeing their students. We all want to be seen. We at Mindfully Connect Learning believe that a truly good learning guide must be able to connect with students. These connections are only possible when we are present. Mindfulness teaches us that attunement and connections are fundamental to running a classroom or in this case a cohort of students.