Our Story 

Mindfully Connected Learning was born out of necessity during the new shift in education brought about buy the Covid 19 pandemic.  At Mindfully Connected Learning  we provides concierge educational guidance, management and support for families faced with the new distance learning/hybrid, educational experience.

As working, experienced, credentialed teachers, we are committed to maintaining our heavy focus on pedagogy and curriculum, as well as anything to do with the wellness and success of our students and their families.

Our Mission 

  • To serve as empathetic leaders managing and working collaboratively with all stakeholders.
  • Foster a fun, positive and safe learning environment for the whole child.
  • Create and support personalized learning systems empowering students growth.
  • Ensure the child’s wellness is always at the center of all learning.

Contact Information

Please send us an email and we will reach out to set up a free consultation on how we can support your remote learning needs.