reflect, re-group, re-route

I have taken some time off to reflect, re-group and re-route.

Last spring I was caught up in a beautiful and exciting wave of introducing mindfulness to educators in my district.  I did about 16 presentations and or workshops introducing the basics of mindfulness in education and the possibilities that go with this must need tool for our children and for us all!  The feedback was invigorating, positive, and so exciting to see the community I live and work in open up to the possibilities…

Then, I took a right turn and applied for some administrative jobs in my district.   I was so excited, eager to take what I had learned in the classroom over the last 20 years and as a district leader….and of course wrap this all in mindfulness.  But, unfortunately, it wasn’t the fit the sites were looking for.  This was devastating.  When I decided to go that direction I poured my heart and soul into the process and was really envisioning what it would like to lead in this community I love so much!  I was faced with feelings of self-doubt and immense disappointment.  So many different emotions…  As I reflect now, it was almost like a break up.  I wanted to lead, I wanted to share my love for education and nurturing bright minds!  I wanted to work with teachers to empower and support them in this amazing educational journey we lead every day!   Then, that call came and the vision went poof!

So, I stopped, took a breath, observed myself and sat with it.

Mindfulness taught me to just notice the emotions.  I learned how to stop the self-doubt, the questioning what I did wrong and look again at what I did right.  I started slowly to turn back towards the excitement that I will be able to work closely in my classroom with the students with mindfulness and with my curriculum.  I began hearing the parents and students I love so much encouraging my teaching and celebrating the knowledge we learn together.  I stopped feeling sorry for myself and began to see that maybe, when one door closes there is truly a door behind that – one that will bring even more possibilities.

I share this story here because we all go through times like these.  It is the human experience to go for it…and sometimes not get what we are aspiring for.  What do we do when things happen like that? We have a few choices….  we can sit around grumbling, pointing the finger at others, and being a victim.  Then there is the better choice, to take a true account of what we did well and what we could work on….  to reflect, learn from mistakes, and take a deep breath.  To accept that there are many options, many roads to travel down….  I will admit, this was tough for me.  But, as I found my voice, my power, and my passion within the hurt it became a lesson learned and a time for more growth in my own mindfulness practice.  I found my positivity in the disappointment.  I found a light that became brighter and brighter and brighter….until it became very clear what my next steps would be….

I re-routed back to my original destination.

I have a passion for mindfulness in education.  I am so excited to see where this path takes me and realize that NOT getting that administrative job opened up the next year for further exploration in what I am so very passionate about….Mindfulness in Education… and of course inspiring young minds in every area of learning!

Ok, so drum roll please………………………………………..

I am very excited to announce that I have signed up for the Mindful School’s Year long certification program.  I am excited to taking this next step to deepen my own practice and understanding of mindfulness.

I am looking forward to some documenting my journey here in this blog.

Thank you for letting me share my experiences with you. Please feel free to share your own story of re-routing !

Love + light,