Why Choose Mindfully Connected Learning? 

What sets us apart? You get your quality family time back. Let us do what we do best-TEACH, support, and empower.

  • Is your time important to you?
  • Do you miss having your child in a structured school-like setting?
  • Is there concern your child won’t like school?
  • Are you looking for connectivity for your child?
  • Are you worried your child will fall behind with Distance Learning?

Let’s make learning fun again! Get the social benefits of school and the needed support academically and emotionally for your child with at home in-person Learning Facilitator led pods.

We act as a connection between your local school district’s offerings (Distance Learning or Hybrid) and your child.  Our personalized pod program with individualized student schedules support academic objectives while integrating a focus on the whole child’s success by:

  • Meeting your child where they are academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • Addressing gaps and strengths in student’s knowledge and providing interventions, supports, or enrichment as needed through the school year.
  • Creating small group instruction and collaborative connections.
  • Monitoring, planning, reviewing and assessing your child’s learning and social emotional goals.
  • Providing interventions, supports, or enrichment as needed.
  • Incorporating a mindfulness in education and growth mindset approach into all aspects of supporting your child’s well-being.
  • Integrating activities to empower your child creatively and academically (art, physical activity, read-alouds, mindfulness, and more).

Why are we different than other remote learning Pod programs?

Here at Mindfully Connected Learning, experienced credentialed teachers will manage your child’s success weekly.  We not only create pods for remote learning groups, but we guide our skilled learning facilitators.  You will have a team of supporters all working collaboratively for your child.

We act as remote learning case managers for your child’s educational and emotional growth. Individualized schedules will be created to manage their synchronous and asynchronous work time.

The Mindfully Connected Learning Approach      

Our mindfulness approach is integrated into the fabric of our design.  Mindfulness is a powerful tool for our brains. It is a secular, educational tool (based on neuroscience) for training the mind to be less anxious, more focused, and to help us learn how to respond rather than to react to the countless amount of stimuli in our lives.

Like an owner’s manual for the mind…Our mindfulness approach supports kids in the ability to shift their own awareness; when children learn how their minds work, they have the ability to make choices  they didn’t know they had before. Mindfulness empowers children in learning HOW to pay attention.

In order for a child to learn, they must have a regulated nervous system. Our program emphasizes skills that promote focus, relaxation, and receptive attention.

The benefits of Mindfulness:

  • Strengthens students self-control
  • Improved attention
  • Lowers anxiety and stress levels
  • Empowers students’ ability to regulate emotions
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Improves social skills and communication
  • Supports better decision making

Want more information on mindfulness for your children? Check out this article: https://parentswithconfidence.com/mindfulness-with-kids/

Click here to see examples of The Mindfulness based teacher approach for our program by founder, Nicole Kraake


Let’s connect.  We have limited space for pods for Fall 2020. Please email us at info@mindfullyconnect.com  to learn more about how to get started.